It gives us great pleasure to present some words through this brochure about the bried background and the objectives of establishing this company Noor Opportunities Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

I proudly and confidently introduce myself as one of the leading manpower organizations in Nepal. A highly qualified professional is required in order to secure recognization in the profession of manpower recruitment and placement of jobs.

Noor Opportunities Overseas Pvt. Ltd. has been established with the sole objective of enhancing the economic condition of Nepalese people. The increase in unemployment figure and the influx of people from rural areas to urban areas is creating hovoc to the Nation's economy. Thus, it is only imperative on our part that manpower diverted to meet the demands of developed and industralized nations in order to boost our economy and bring in foreign currency. The supply of manpower not only creates social up lift in underdeveloped economy like ours but also adds to the cause of the manpower importing nation being able to assist in improving the living standard of the underdeveloped nation. This Company has committed to making humble construction towards the nation finding ideal employment opportunities for Nepalese ideal workforce.

This company is equipped with modern facilities and a team of highly professional and dedicated staff who are throughly acquanted with the proper execution of manpower recruitment procedures.

At last if you have any inquiries about manpower recruitment, please feel free to contact me of my E-mail, telephone, fax and mobile at any time. I will be always at your service. Looking forward to your positive response.

Thank you,

Tilak Bahadur Ranabhat

Managing Director