Company profile

Noor  Oppurtunities  is a private overseas employment agency ( whose objectives is to provide job to those seeking to work abroad .Our company is registrered and licensed under the ministry of labor .Noor was founded on 31st December 1998.It is one of the highly reputed and reliable recruitment companies with ISO 9001:2000 certified .Our policy is to provide unique service of overseas employment for Nepleases Human Resources at a minimum cost. We are committed to search new market for the educated/skilled/experienced people of Nepal. Our company is concerntrating for mainly Malaysia Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and UAE. We humbly welcome client, who are looking for a reliable, smooth and prompt experience –recruiting agents from Nepal.

This company is equipped with modern facilities and a team of highly professional and dedicated staff who are thoroughly acquainted with the proper execution of manpower recruitment procedures

Directors message

This is my pleasure to introduce Noor Opportunities Overseas Pvt. Ltd. A destination for various categories of Nepalese workers. We are the upcoming manpower recruiting company operation in the Himalayan Kingdom of with efficient working to meet the desired demands of in international clients. We invite you to observe our organization and learn about our organization.

Nepalese are famous for their bravery, honesty, loyalty and physically fit for hard work. We generate the well trained, skilled manpower to develop your company.

We undertake complete responsibility to recruit any category of personnel from Nepal on behalf of legally authorized and genuine overseas. We promise to provide reliable and good service to our client putting all my efforts. We are positive with our mind to give you maximum comfort to make your business fruitful for mutual benefits.

 We make a commitment for better service as your need, we will always continue to deliver our efficient workforce at your service to work aboard.

I thank you for your interest and time.

Message From Managing Director

It gives us great pleasure to present some words through this brochure about the bried background and the objectives of establishing this company  Noor Opportunities  Overseas Pvt.Ltd.

 I proudly and confidently introduce myself as a one of the leading man power organizations  in Nepal. A highly qualified professional is required in order to secure recognition in the profession of manpower recruitment and placement of jobs.

Noor  Opportunities Overseas Pvt. Ltd has been established with the sole objective of enhancing the economic condition of Nepalese people. The increase in unemployment  figure and the influx of people from  rural areas to urban areas is creating hovoc to the to the Nation's economy. Thus, It is only imperative on our part that manpower diverted to meet the demands of developed and industrialized nations in order to boost our economy and bring in foreign currency. The supply of manpower not only creates social u lifts in underdeveloped economy like ours but also adds to the cause of the man power importing nation being able to assist in improving the living standard of the underdeveloped nation. This Company has committed to making humble construction toward s the nation finding ideal employment opportunities for Nepalese  ideal workforce.

At last if you have any inquiries about manpower recruitment, please feel free to contact me at my E-mail, telephone, fax and mobile at any time.I will be always at your service. Looking forward to your positive response.


Thank You

Tilak Bahadur Ranabhat

Managing Director


Our Features

1. Special emphasis on client expectation and needs.

2. Quick response.

3. Meticulous & Precise selection.

4. Proper Documentation.

5. Mobilization of sourced manpower in specific time frame.

6. Sending short listed resumes to client for final approval.

7. Arranging for client interviews (when ever required)

8. Arranging for Trade Test for Candidates (when ever applicable).

9. Once the final selection of candidates is completed by the client, we undertake all responsibility for the successful deployment of candidates, right from making arrangements for medicals, immigration clearance, visa stamping and airline reservation.


Why us

Noor Opportunities Overseas Pvt. Ltd is a well recognized and reputed recruiting company that is run by a team of experienced professionals who are, at all times, keen and ready to assist and help those who are interested in overseas employment .To be more precise, it is a company that believes in teamwork. It is a company, which is constantly prepared to accept all challenges ahead, to overcome all sort of obstacles and difficulties with the purpose of providing prompt services to those that are need.

Our company is not only sending workers abroad ,but giving proper guidance and direction .Our staff takes every client, and worker's need seriously as we want to better the lives of our population and therefore move our country forward.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Organization Chart

As shown in the following diagram, Noor Opportunities Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is organized as to assure maximum efficiency and to produce a most satisfying result for the employers as well as the workers.